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Body Piercing Guides
Read our definitive body piercing guides and get inspired for your next piercing!

Ear Piercings

By far the most common piercing type, read our guides on all the different types of ear piercings including ear lobe piercings, tragus, helix, daith, conch, cartilage piercings and much more.

Face Piercings

Find everything you need to know about the different types of facial piercings including the common types of nose piercings, eyebrow piercings and septum piercings.

Mouth/Oral Piercings

Get tongue-tied with a tongue piercing, or discover the different options you have when it comes to lip piercings, including the labret, angel bite, medusa and loads more types of mouth piercings

Torso Piercings

Learn everything there is to know about torso piercings, belly button (navel) piercings, nipple piercings, as well as the most popular surface torso piercings.

Surface & Dermal Piercings

Discover the world of quirky and unique skin-diving piercings including corset piercings, nape, wrist, anti-eyebrow, dermal anchors and much more.

Other Piercings

Discover the weird, wonderful and quirky piercings nobody even dares to think of..most of them you probably didn’t even know existed!

Check out all types of body piercings

Fresh From The Gauge

Discover the latest trends, body piercing news and find answers to popular piercing FAQs on our blog, appropriately titled The Gauge.

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