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Body Piercing Community

Our body piercing community is the place to share your body piercing experiences and photos, ask questions in forums, join groups, send private messages & more.

View Member Profiles

Only our members can view the profiles of other members. You can see where they’re from, what piercings they have, and whatever else they’ve decided to share with other members. This also means 2 things for you – your privacy is protected from the moochers and fakers, and we’ve told Google to go away too so your profile should be kept safe from being indexed in their search results.*

*Whilst your privacy is the most important thing to us and we’ve done all we can to discourage them from indexing your stuff, Google tends to do what it likes so we can’t promise your username won’t pop up somewhere else.

Advanced Members Search

All members get access to our members search page, where you can browse our entire member directory and use the advanced filters to find and connect with people you’d love to meet. You can search by keyword, current piercings, age, location, and even relationship status..because who knows…your soulmate might also be into piercings too 😉

Search our members directory.

Browse Photo Galleries

Whilst everyone can browse the public piercing photo galleries, our members get exclusive access to browse other galleries including individual member galleries and group galleries. Oh snap!

Browse the piercing photo galleries.

Send Private Messages and Chats

What’s a community if people don’t talk, right!? We want to help connect the noobs with the veterans, and one thing we do know is that people have a LOT of questions to ask when it comes to deciding whether to get that next piercing or not. To send someone a message, simply head to their profile and tap the private message button.

Upload and Share Your Piercing Photos

We want to build the world’s biggest online piercing picture/photo gallery. We’ve created a whole bunch of public photo galleries for the world to see, 96 to be exact! (Who knew there were that many types of piercings!?). You need to be a member to upload photos.

Upload and share your piercing photos here.

Join Groups You Love

We’ve created a space for people to hang out and share their experiences. Groups can be as niche or broad as you like – they’re a place where you can share your experiences with other members who have the same interests as you. Whether it’s piercing-related or not, our community groups are designed to connect you with others. Plain and simple!

Browse and join groups.

Hang Out in the Body Piercing Forums

The forums are a place people can ask questions about piercings, aftercare, get general advice and much more, but you need to be a member to ask questions or reply.

Visit the body piercing forums.