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Reply To: too many male genital piercings?


Well speaking as someone who likes edgy guys who go just a touch beyond most. The question your really asking is – will I be accepted for who I am or not? on a sexual level. I have a 2ga PA and sometimes I put a 0ga in (it gets too heavy). Some guys love it. Some guys ask to take it out, some guys get turned off. IF a piercing is a deal breaker fro sexual relations with you, then maybe the thought might be “so be it”. Its really about a complete package. As for the jacob’s ladder / scrotal ladder / guiche ladder – if you derive pleasure from having them licked then wtf – why not? There seems to be a slight problem in the world, where everyone is about what they want done for their pleasure, instead of what will give the partner pleasure, its a 2 way street. That said, remember jacobs ladder (shaft) might be too bumpy for alot of boys.

I am actually considering the guiche ladder the problem for me is – when I ride a motorcycle – I end up sitting on my balls, and it gets f’ing annoying, so…I’m not sure I could easily tolerate piercings there.

I noticed you retired your nose ring (septum)? may I ask why you no longer wear it?