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Dermal anchor infection- please help ?

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    ⚠️ WARNING- please don’t read if very squeamish.

    I’m really hoping someone can offer some advice before I have to go and get my dermal cut out of my face.
    I have had a dermal anchor for around 5 months. At first it healed really nicely- no swelling or irritation.
    Few months went by and one morning randomly woke up to swelling, a week later it’s red swollen, oozing pus and weeping and bleeding. I clean at and leave a plaster on it constantly and no change. I really need to take the top off and clean the wound but cannot unscrew it. My skin is starting to swell around the anchor top.
    Is this a trip to the GP or will it get better if I keep looking after it?
    Also, would a piercer take the top off for me if I can hold on until lock down is over? Or would they not touch as it’s infected?
    Any help appreciated x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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