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Guest piercer needed in the tropics!!

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    Hi group! Hope you’re all living the dream!  I’m looking for a guest piercer to come to the tropics for a month. We’re busier than normal for this time of year, I caught my last piercer stealing and lying!☹️

    I Own a cool little tattoo, piercing studio right in the heart of West End Village situated in Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Honduras.. it’s a beautiful tropical diving mecca and popular holiday destination. We have many direct  flights for the USA and Canada.. 

    I’m looking for someone to come for a month who can pierce and tattoo.. let me know if your interested and we can discuss terms and deal etc…

    Email or WhatsApp +504 97942176 me to apply!

    Please people with no drug or alcohol problems and only high standard work ethics need apply.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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