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Info on splitting tongue with a slanted tongue piercing

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    I’ve been wanting to split my tongue for a grip of time now but my tongue gauge is offset on the bottom but the top is right in the middle I was told years and years ago it was better for it to be that way to lay in your mouth or something along those lines so I tied my tongue to see how it would split and looks like it would split like shit and look like shit aswell so I’ve thought over a few options 1. Put larger gauge piercing needle through the top straight down connecting the crooked bottom hole with the top heal then tie off. 2. Pierce behind and in front of my existing piercing heal then tie between the holes and to the tip of my tongue two separate ties making one split eventually or a bunch of other ideas but asking to see what others think would be the best route to split my tongue. Thanks for any info or guidance in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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