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New piercing turned into a line, help me please

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    Had a friend pierce my lobe. After a week, I realized that my left lobe is longer than my right and for particular earrings it would better to lower the piercing by a millimeter or two. I took the earring out and let it heal for a week before getting the new piercing.

    Now, it seems like my hole has turned into a line like the holes have connected. I prodded at it a little and it seems the line is more at the surface rather than going all the way through. I’ll be honest, I’ve been bad and taken the earring out a couple of times and because the stopper had dried gunk in it taking it off was always a bit of a violent yank…along with the occasional accidental yank from the everyday mishap. I think I just split the skin a bit deep between the holes..

    my question is do you guys think I should keep the earring in and just do my absolute best to not mess with it and hope it heals into a nice hole or should I take it out let it all heal over and start over again?

    it looks almost exactly like the type of line you’d see from a person who has just worn heavy earrings for years and the skin sagged. The earring is light, however. The top of the line has a scab where I’m sure the original hole use to be, and then it seems to be a line the gets increasingly deeper up until its at the new hole which exits through the back of the ear (obviously).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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