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Rook Healing badly

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    Hi all! I got my rook pierced at the end of January and it was doing well. About 3 weeks into the healing, I got my hair caught and almost ripped the rook out. I’m honestly still not sure how it even happened, but there was a bleeding cut on the top hole and there’s now a bump in the same area. I’ve been trying to take care of it well ever since the trauma in February — cleaning with unscented soap, sea salt sprays and soaks, diluted tea tree oil, not sleeping on it, but it’s always a bit inflamed and red. It hasn’t ever gone back to how well it looked right after the piercing. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a keloid is forming or if it looks infected? Or just any tips on what to do to make it look nice and not swollen again? There’s occasionally crust on the lower part of the barbell, but it is typically very clean. Thanks

    I’m not sure how to add a photo just from my laptop, there’s no URL.


    I think you are probably overdoing the cleaning especially using tea tree oil. Just stick to warm salty water twice a day and leave it alone! My rook took forever to heal and I gave it two really hard knocks by accident. I had a lump on the top but it eventually went away.


    Thank you!! Do you use a q tip around it with the salty water? I definitely screwed it up with the trauma so I’m trying to work around that for sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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