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Tongue piercing advice?

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    Hey everyone!

    So today I had an appointment to get my tongue pierced. After looking at my tongue though, my piercer explained that I have a vein running down the middle of my tongue and so I can’t get a midline piercing. I’m pretty bummed!

    She did mention that with the way my veins run, I could potentially get the venom piercings. But, I’m really not loving the idea of having two tongue piercings!

    I’ve been looking into the shallow vertical and shallow horizontal piercings. Does anybody know much about these? Could I potentially get one of these instead? I don’t really know anything about the anatomy of the tongue, and so I’m wondering if that center vein would prevent me from being able to get a shallow piercing as well.

    If none of these work, does anybody have any suggestions for other single tongue piercings I could get that look nice and minimalist? Thanks, I appreciate all the help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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