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When to remove a piercing

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    I am looking to let my navel piercing heal up but I get a bit funny about scars. In the next few years I plan on having a baby and know that some people can get bad scaring from their piercing when pregnant. I wondered if anyone knew if it would be better to take it out now, let it heal for a few years before pregnancy, or take it out when I am pregnant and let it heal then. Looking for the least amount of scarring possible. Or would I get better results just leaving it in completely?

    To give you a bit of an idea about my piercing, I had it done at 14 (just over 10 years ago). Never had any issues with it. Could leave it out for a day or 2 and still be able to put the piercing back without much discomfort (like my ear lobes). About 5 years ago, I stopped being able to leave it out for long. More than a few hours and it becomes painful to put back in as though it is healing quicker than before. I tend to only take it out for the shower at the moment.

    Thanks for any advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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