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Mid-helix (midway)

Everything you need to know about midway ear cartilage piercings, including all the pros and cons, procedure and loads more.

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Written by mikey, body piercer

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What is a mid-helix (midway) ear piercing?

A mid-helix piercing, also called the midway piercing, is an ear cartilage piercing in the outermost ridge or fold anywhere around the midway point directly between your earlobe (the flap of skin at the bottom of your ear) and the helix area (the outer rim in the top-third section of your ear).

It’s a fairly popular piercing and is known to be one of the lesser-painful piercings as the cartilage is very thin and flexible in this area.

The main difference between a helix and a mid-helix piercing is that a mid-helix is situated around the middle of your ear, hence the midway name, whereas a regular helix is more towards the top.

The most popular types of jewelry worn in this area are barbells initially while it heals, and once it’s healed people generally wear either studs or hoops. Mid-helix piercings can look very classy with a nice double or triple-gem stud.

The midway piercing can sometimes be confused with the snug piercing, but these are not the same.

Do mid-helix piercings hurt?

Mid-helix piercings are actually a very low-pain piercing as the cartilage in the mid and lower portions of this ridge is very thin and flexible unlike most of the other areas. A lot of people describe this piercing as having almost the same feeling as an earlobe piercing which is considered one of the least painful piercings you can get.

Healing can take a little longer as cartilage heals more slowly than skin along, but because it’s thin in this area, it’s often fully healed in around two months.

Are midway piercings the same as a snug piercing?

A midway piercing can sometimes be confused with a snug piercing as one hole passes through the same area, but a snug piercing actually goes through to the middle area of your ear, whereas the back of midway piercings comes out the back of your ear. Think earlobe, but slid further up your ear.

Where to get a midway piercing?

Thinking of getting a mid-helix piercing? Click the link below to find the best piercers in your area.

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