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Nose piercing benefits, pros and cons

Ask anyone that’s ever had anything pierced before and you’ll quickly find out there are lots and pros and cons that come with the procedure itself, but even more commonly, during the healing period or sometimes even years down the line. Nose piercings are certainly no exception to that rule.

Here are the benefits, pros and cons of nose piercings you need to know before you get one.

Nose piercing pros and cons

  • Pro: They look AWESOME!
  • Pro: They’re not very painful to get pierced at all, even the cartilage ones like the septum piercing
  • Pro: More and more guys are getting them, so they’re much less of a taboo and are super cool.
  • Pro: You’ll get loads of likes from your friends on Insta!
  • Pro: You can mix and match the jewellery easily to suit your mood. Lots of people like to switch between tiny studs and hoops
  • Pro: If you have a septum piercing, you can easily flip it up to hide if you wear horseshoe-shaped jewellery (known as a circular barbell)
  • Pro: If you ever want to take it out, you can just remove the jewellery and it won’t leave a scar
  • Con: It’s not uncommon for a lot of employers to ask for them to be taken out in customer-facing jobs, so make sure you check with your boss first before getting one
  • Con: It’s sometimes easy to forget it’s there and easy to bump with your hand when you’re wiping or washing your face
  • Con: A standard nostril piercing takes the longest to heal out of all nose piercings (usually between 4-6 months to fully heal)
  • Con: It’s pretty common to get an infection during healing because they’re out in the open, boogers and nasties often get caught in it (that’s the job your nose hairs do), and you’ll often get makeup or shampoo running into it by accident
  • Con: If you do happen to get an infection, it’s pretty hard to hide it because it’s on your face, but in most cases, it’s just a bit of redness around the piercing
  • Con: You can’t swim or jump in a hot tub for a few weeks after getting one
  • Con: Can sometimes catch on your clothes when you’re getting changed

The full lowdown on nose piercings

Hear first-hand from DaVo, a professional body piercer from Axiom Body Piercing Studio, who explains loads more about getting your nose pierced and what to expect when you get one.



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