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Upload & Share Your Piercing Photos

Flaunting your piercing is great for anyone researching to see what they look like on all different body types, so by sharing your pics with the world, not only do you get to show off your new piercing, but you’ll also be helping people who are doing their research and hopefully convincing them to get their next piercing 🙂

What are you waiting for? Follow the instructions below to find out how to share your body piercing photos and pictures with the world so they can see just how awesome they really are.



Step 1: Join the BPH community

You have be a Body Piercing Hub community member to upload and share your photos. If you’re not.. Join now, it’s free! 🙂

Step 2: Read these rules before you upload

  1. You agree to the Terms of Use.
  2. You can’t upload any images you don’t own or have copyright permissions to use.
  3. No overly-edited photos (and especially no Snapchat-esque dog faces).
  4. Please try to compress your photos before you upload to help us save on server costs – they’re expensive! (not too much though.. we don’t want your photo looking like it was taken with a potato). Try run it through the Squoosh app and resize it to maximum width 1000px.
  5. This is not a porn site. Whilst we do allow you to upload pictures of your genital piercings, you are not permitted to upload anything that contains sexual/erotic content, masturbating, intercourse, spread eagles or anything else.

Allowed file types: jpeg, jpg, gif, png

Upload limits: 50MB per user

Step 3: Click on one of the galleries below and use the image uploader

Note: You must be logged in to your account for the uploader to appear

Have we missed a category you’d like to upload or are you having problems uploading your photos? Please let us know.